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Even the best sushi recipe can be ruined by less-than-superb tuna. That’s why you need a supplier that can consistently deliver the freshest, most quality fish possible.  For over thirty years we have been in business, quality has been our focus. And to ensure quality, we pay attention from the first step to the last. To start off, all of our fish are line-caught without the use of harmful nets. Then, our tuna loins are cut fresh every day, seven days a week, and shipped in chilled, insulated wax-coated boxes so that they arrive on your doorstep tasting as great as possible.  Additionally we also offer fresh headed-and-gutted tuna and various CO-Treated frozen tuna cuts including saku,ground meat and steak. Have a taste — we are confident our fish will do all the talking!

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733 Gladys Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90021

Phone: +1-213-624-2927

Email: info@taiwanseafood.com

Proudly supplying quality tuna since 1981!

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