Using only the best quality wild-caught tuna from the Philippines, Ruby Red and Toshima have gained a reputation for being top-of-the-line premium branded products and are trusted by restaurants and chefs for their safe, consistent quality for over 15 years!

Taiwan Seafood and Fish Corp started from very humble beginnings. It was the dream of our founders, who immigrated to the United States from Taiwan, to start their own businesses and achieve the American Dream.


In 1983, they opened Taiwan Seafood in Los Angeles with the goal of importing the best quality seafood they can get from Taiwan. Not long after, they partnered with a tuna supplier with the same mindset and goals, and have since become one of the major importers of tuna in the country.

In 2006, they started the sushi-grade frozen tuna brands Ruby Red and Toshima. Both brands quickly became well known for their superior quality, consistency, safety, and reliability.


This is due to our willingness to go above and beyond to provide a great product to our customers. We maintain a strict quality standard and perform numerous quality assurance tests to ensure that what gets sold to our customers is something we can be proud of.  



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